Winemaker-Led Wine Tastings with Wending Home

Winemaker-Led Wine Tastings with Wending Home

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Wend your way to Wending Home this summer!

We are excited to announce that tastings are now available at Wending Home! 

For $30 per person, you receive a rare opportunity to taste four wines of your choosing WITH the winemaker, AT the winery!

Join Ron Giesbrecht for a flight of Wending Home wine as he leads you through the winemaking process, talks about the Estate and answers any of your questions. Puns are guaranteed, and free! 

Tastings are by appointment only and typically run on Saturdays but we also release other dates so check the schedule, space is limited spots (max 6 people).

If you would like to book for groups larger than 6 people or at a different time, please contact us at 

This is a rain or shine tasting - shelter from the elements will be available!